12 Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers in 2021

Web Developer

Web Developer is among the most significant Chrome extensions for programmers. It contains a collection of important tools within the Chrome expansion, assembled by category (such as CSS, forms, pictures, etc.).


LambdaTest is well-recognized because of its automation testing tools. Its automated screenshot instrument is just another benchmark added to their product line. This chrome extension allows users to take whole webpage screenshots with just one click. The chrome extension was created dedicatedly for internet developers and evaluations whose job has been simplified dramatically through this tool. Screenshots can be obtained for different browsers and operating systems.


Keeping up with the latest trends is necessary these days when technology continues evolving quite often. Although it becomes hard to stick to the newest events in the programming and development realm and this is where Daily.dev emerges as the best answer.

Internet Developer Checklist

If you need to verify your page before installation, use the Chrome expansion, Web Developer Checklist. Like its name, this app provides a record of all the tasks to perform on the page before making it live.


Color selection is another substantial task for a web programmer. Not only necessary to give your website a pleasant appearance but also for making sure a user-friendly interface.

CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer is just another simple and effective Chrome extensions that can help web developers and designers in coding. This addon can show the CSS properties of the site with a simple mouse hover.

Page Ruler

Keeping up the compatibility of this web page to different screen sizes is necessary as today, people utilize various devices to get the website. Page Ruler is a dynamic measurement Chrome extension. It is helpful to assess the width and height of web elements and the space between them.


Last, let us talk about security, and therefore, we have selected Ghostery, a robust open source security & privacy browser extension. This solitude extension is a built-in ad blocker that blocks intrusive advertisements, block third-party data collection, and prevent them from tracking.


You can find plenty of browser extensions for one program, but it can be confusing, what browser to try that can be powerful and what to skip. Thus, we have compiled this comprehensive collection of Chrome extensions.



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